Enriching Economic Evaluation Experience

by Md. Rajibul Islam
Category : Learning

Last month, from 7th till 11th of August, 2017, I attended a 5-day training extensive workshop on health economic evaluation organized by Health Intervention Technology Assessment Program (HITAP). The first two days focused on the basics of health economic evaluation and the last three days on advanced modeling methods for economic evaluation. I learned plenty of things during this course that this experience exceeded my expectations!


During the training, I learned new theories by doing the associated exercises and going through various case-studies. I really liked the learning-by-doing approach, especially solving the probabilistic modeling using the macro exercise. Sessions on critical appraisal, retrieving economic evaluation studies and budget impact analysis were highly informative and very educational. This training program was highly enriching and enabled me to get a thorough understanding of economic evaluation.

In the workshop, we were introduced to a free online resource called GEAR (www.gear4health.com) which can guide us in a step-by-step manner through its various features in conducting health economic evaluations.


It is no exaggeration to say that this workshop experience was transformative–both professionally and personally.


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