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Guest blog: More than a book but a real world guide for NCD prevention

By Sumudu Karunaratna, Researcher and Medical Officer in Sri Lanka
Category : Others

“What’s the value added I’m offering to the existing world of books and literature?” It is the mantra to keep in mind, repeating every few hours in my head when writing chapters to a book or even a paper. This is what I take home from the HITAP organized ‘Best Buys, Wasted Buys and Controversies […]

Exploring Vaccine Implementation for Gavi Graduating Countries: Bhutan’s Rotavirus Vaccine Economic Evaluation

By Alia Luz
Category : Hot Topics, In-Country Experience, Research in Focus

Post-graduation from Gavi support in 2016, the Bhutan Health Trust Fund took up investment for vaccine provision in the country according to its mandate. The Fund also aims to “eliminate financing uncertainties for priority core components of the Primary Health Care Services out of the income generated from the investment of the Fund” and “achieve […]

Project in focus: Best buys, wasted buys, and controversies in NCD prevention

By Rachel Archer
Category : Hot Topics, Learning, Research in Focus

Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) bear the major brunt of the non-communicable disease (NCD) burden. Taking control of and reducing this burden is at the forefront of the global health agenda. But how do countries go about doing this? Well, that is a good question. One way is through interventions that target risk factors, but […]

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines now introduced in Bhutan

By Jirata Tienphati
Category : Hot Topics, Research in Focus

In 2016 Bhutan graduated from Gavi support as its socioeconomic status change from lower-income to lower-middle income country, hence introducing new vaccines to its routine vaccination programme can pose a long-term financial burden to the government. However, since pneumococcal infections is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among young children in Bhutan, the Bhutanese […]

HITAP heads to Ghana: Setting Priorities Fairly Conference 2018

By Rachel Archer
Category : Hot Topics, Others

How can countries build the systems that can deliver universal health coverage whilst juggling a whole host of challenges, constraints and demands? The short answer? They need to make choices, smart choices that are built on careful and evidence-based priority setting practices. This was the topic of the Setting Priorities Fairly: Sustainable Policies for Effective […]

Beyond coverage decisions – Using HTA to link technology supply and population health demand

By Manushi Sharma
Category : Others

Policymakers across the world are regularly required to make crucial decisions about resource allocation and prioritize interventions – medicine A or medicine B, subsidize heart surgery or expand the immunization program. This process is required to be transparent, accountable and legitimate to safeguard public interests. With the improving macroeconomic conditions, increasing awareness and consumption of […]


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