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Keeping technologies human: How we might harness advancements in science and data for present and future health threats

By Aparna Ananthakrishnan and Rachel Archer
Category : Others

This year, the Prince Mahidol Award Conference or PMAC 2021 explores our current COVID-19 crisis, with a focus on things that were (factors that led to the pandemic), things that are (pandemic response) and things that could be (lessons learned), towards shaping equitable, healthy systems as we move forward. Technology has been identified as a […]

HITAP Webinar: Equity & Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

By Chris Painter and Praewa Kulatnam
Category : Others

Inequalities of health exist across the globe, between genders, socioeconomic groups, ethnicities, geographic regions, and many other characteristics. Health interventions rarely, if ever, have a uniform impact on all the groups that are eligible to receive them, yet most economic evaluations only quantify the mean impact of a health intervention across sub-populations, irrespective of whether […]

Equity as a cornerstone of a strong health system: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Category : Others

Authors : Aparna Ananthakrishnan, Project Associate/ ODI Fellow, HITAP Timothy Mastro, Chief Science Officer, FHI 360 As we approach the end of an unprecedented year, the approval of select COVID-19 vaccines by stringent regulatory authorities and programmatic roll-out has been cause for optimism. However, it is imperative to assure equitable access to those in need in […]

Cementing the Role of HTA in the Philippines

By Alia Cynthia G. Luz
Category : Others

After a series of catalytic changes in the Philippine healthcare decision-making landscape. The Philippines successfully launched their first health technology assessment (HTA) process and methods guidelines on September 21, 2020. The main purpose of it project is to support the HTA process, prioritise topics and generate evidence and methodologies that will feed into the health benefits […]

At 4500 miles apart, Thailand joins the Kenyan UHC Fund Taskforce Meeting

By Rachel Archer
Category : Others

On 21st September 2020, HITAP joined representatives of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Thailand and the National Health Security Office (NHSO) at the Kenyan Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Fund Taskforce meeting chaired by Mr. Geoffrey Malombe from National Treasury and Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) at Ministry of Health (MOH). The UHC […]

HITAP Webinar: Introducing the Whole Disease Modelling Approach

By Chris Painter and Praewa Kulatnam
Category : Others

As economic evaluation methods are constantly changing and developing, it is important to stay abreast of the latest developments so that any beneficial new techniques are utilised, where possible, to maximise the public health impact of health economics and health technology assessment (HTA) research. On Wednesday 19th August 2020, HITAP hosted a webinar with guest […]


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