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The Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program

The Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization, in order to take responsibility for appraising a wide anybody can try this range of health technologies and programs, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, interventions, individual and community health promotion and disease prevention as well as social health policy.

HITAP receives its main funding support from 4 public institutions; namely the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Health Systems Research Institute, the Health Insurance System Research Office and the Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Public Health. HITAP also receives specific funding from other non-profit organizations to assess health intervention and technology in accordance with the main responsibilities of HITAP.



Appropriate health interventions and technologies for Thai society



  • To efficiently and transparently appraise health interventions and technologies by using international,standard and qualified research methodologies
  • To develop systems and mechanisms in order to promote the optimal selection, procurement and management of health technology as well as appropriate health policy determination;
  • To distribute research findings and educate the public in order to make the best use of health interventions andtechnology assessment results.


Strategy I: 
Research and development of a fundamental system for HTA

Strategy II: 
Capacity strengthening for HTA at both individual and organizational levels as well as for the Thai HTA Health systems

Strategy III: 
Assess health technologies and policies in regard to public priority

Strategy IV: 
Research dissemination to policy makers, medical practitioners, and the general public

Strategy V: 
Development of organizational management and encouragement of connections between academics and involved partiesat both national and international Health Technology.

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