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International Relations

In the past we have been instrumental in international policy as sponsors and writers of the following resolutions in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and the South-East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) of the World Health Organization (WHO), respectively:

Health Intervention and Technology Assessment in Support of Universal Health Coverage Agenda. 15.7 A67/VR/9, WHA 67.23 24 May, 2014.

Health Intervention and Technology Assessment in Support of Universal Health Coverage. SEA/RC66/R4 May, 2014.

To supplement these efforts internationally, we have worked towards establishing regional collaboration in Asia amongst HTA organizations in Asia. In this effort, we and our partners have founded the HTAsiaLink Network as a platform for knowledge sharing of best practices of HTA in Asia

We have been involved in organizing the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Reflecting on a Decade of Achievement and Strengthening a Multi-Sectoral Approach to Implementation.

Previously, we have co-organized the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 2016: Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage in collaboration with our international partners and the PMAC organizing committee.

In the oncoming years, our projected activities under our work in international relations include sponsoring and passing a second WHA resolution for 2017 and 2018 onwards on priority-setting, in order to maintain the momentum from the first WHA Resolution on HITA for UHC in 2014.

Capacity Building

We have been instrumental in the following areas:

  • Raising awareness of HTA and its utility among local stakeholders, especially policymakers, key officers and opinion leaders
  • Determining the need, demand and supply regarding HTA at the local, national and international level;
  • Consulting national authorities à identify appropriate focal point/responsible institute for HTA and devising a road map for HTA institutionalization
  • Providing technical support, e.g., training, study visits, hands-on experience
  • Inviting HTA network in the region, HTA in other countries and international organizations (such as WHO) to take part/have a role in the training programs

Collaborative Research

Our research collaborations have resulted in approximately 100 international publications. We establish collaborative projects with countries bilaterally by pinpointing possible partners within networks such as the International Decision Support Initiative (IDSI), the HTAsiaLink Network, the Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi), among others.

  • In Thailand, the health intervention and technology assessment program (HITAP) is an exemplary health technology assessment agency. It evaluates utility of available evidence, thereby that all that all Thais have excess to good quality affordable healthcare in the context of Thailand commitment to the universal health coverage. I pray special tribute to the work of HITAP because it is able shows that in resource containment environment that access to cost-effective care irrespective to the ability to pay is possible.

    Sir Michael David Rawlins
    Sir Michael David RawlinsChairman of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) from 1999 - 2012.
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